Short Fiction

Cover of "The Saint Ann's Review" (a literary journal).

(The Saint Ann’s Review)

“In the hospital lobby, she took the stairway closest to the herbal medicine pharmacy. Although the pungent scent still made her wince, today she could actually describe it: like some punitive broth from a god impatient with human folly. Looking down, she glimpsed a group of hospital staff doing calisthenics in the courtyard, accompanied by upbeat music from a boombox. A keen, youthful voice was counting aloud, yi, er, san, si—even Vivian could understand that.”

Cover of "Santa Monica Review" (a literary journal).

“Mountain Lion Is a Kind of Cat Too”
(Santa Monica Review)

“When he came to the prairies of America as a graduate student at age forty, he renamed himself Bell, as in Alexander Graham, because he believed in hands-on, down-to-earth tinkering. With soldering iron and a workbench full of junk parts that could be converted to anything in a flash. He believed in tinkering as much as he believed in his ancestors, democracy, and the healthfulness of sunshine.”

Cover of "Salamander" (a literary journal).

“The Importance of Floating”   

“The first time he noticed his own resemblance to his dead father,
Russell Tucker was sixteen. He had woken up in the middle of
the night hankering for water. Downstairs in the kitchen, groggily
padding about in his boxers, he looked up and caught sight
of his reflection on the surface of the fridge. The face that
looked back at him reminded him of Fred in the photos that
were now stashed away in the attic.”

Cover of "Green Mountains Review" (a literary journal).

“A Microhistory of Two”
(Green Mountains Review)

“‘Flat and far’ is the literal meaning of the town’s name in Chinese, as if it could be describing what a lonely fisherman might see in the Pacific, but it was as distant from the ocean as it could be. Valerie Wang, who was raised on Long Island, mused over the name on the map and indulged in the irony of it, that the small ancient town of Pingyao sat squarely in the dry plains of the Yellow River basin.”


“The Short Answer Is”
Third Coast (Spring/Summer 2020)

“Unmended Wall”
The Fiddlehead (Autumn 2020)

“In the Whaling Museum”
Washington Square Review (Fall 2018)

“Adam Godwin Rides the Greyhound”
The Saint Ann’s Review 10th Anniversary Issue

“The Observatory”; “In the Meantime”
The Saint Ann’s Review

“The Untranslated Poem,” and “Spherical Lightning”
Nimrod International Journal

“Presidio,” “Osmosis,” and “Sunday Drive”
Don’t Talk to Me About Love